This is a "cheat sheet" of sorts to help readers.

This page shall cover most major traits of the world and rules of DeSTRESS as revealed or otherwise evidenced within the comic.

It is STRONGLY recommended that readers read to the latest page first before looking through here. It is also strongly encouraged that readers try to figure out as much of DeSTRESS themselves before referring to here.

Keep in mind that these are only WORLD-related notes.
-Mainly souls, the Bezzafrayl, Chiranobles and Unmarked live in this world.

Black Sun, White 'Sun'
-During the day a black sun 'shines', all the clouds are tainted black as a result. Any soul exposed to the sun for extended periods of time will become corrupted until they are a Nihilfaer (see Nihilfaer for more details).
-Souls are able to prevent being corrupted by wearing special clothing and masks (though one does not necessarily need a mask as long as they ration their clothing).
-At night a white 'sun' shines down; it functions exactly as the moon would, it's main difference from an actual moon is that it never changes phases and does, in a sense, produce its own light. The clouds are white at night as a result of this, it should also be noted that visibility isn't that much reduced, the sky is simply darkened.

Other Weather
-It has been implied (from Razmarus) that because of the black sun, the rain is harmful.
Chiranoble Brand
-Any soul branded with this mark specifically cannot be affected by a Bezzafrayl or by those who bear a Bezzafrayl Brand. Another name for those who bear a Chiranoble Brand is "Half-Damned."

-It has been revealed that there are a total of six Chiranobles (Razmarus's conversation with Cheres), three have been named (Razmarus, Cheres, Desphal).
-Each Chiranoble lives in a different area and function independently of each other. Each have responsibilities over their respective branded souls and have different methods for dealing with them.
-Razmarus acts as High Priest and calls sermons for his branded.
-Cheres acts as Overseer and puts her branded to work.
-Being sent to Desphal is considered punishment in Razmarus' eyes.
(For more technical information about each individual Chiranoble, refer to the "Character" page.)

Chiranoble Traits
-All Chiranobles have very light, nearly white hair, and inverted eyes.
-They wear black ornaments in their hair/on their heads.
-They possess the ability to change into black, smoky creatures whose touch burns souls until they bleed (refer to when Razmarus handled any soul's flesh when he altered part of his body).
-Whilst in an inhuman form, a Chiranoble feels excruciating pain when placed in water.
-Chiranobles do not experience death like humans do. Their physical bodies can suffer damage to the extent that they are not conscious ("dead"), but if that cause is removed they will "revive" again.
-Chiranobles do not appear to suffer any memory loss when they "die" and revive.

Chiranoble Skills
-Chiranobles are able to "see" certain things of a human soul if they can see their face.
-They can also "purify" human souls who are corrupting or have corrupted into a Nihilfaer by burning the corruption out.
-If a Chiranoble wishes, they may continue to burn a soul until that soul no longer exists in Mionfaer. Doing so sends the soul back to the "mortal cycle".
-Chiranobles can create an illusion of themselves.
-Chiranobles can conjure/manipulate specific metal items. (ie: Razmarus can conjure knives and manipulate his "hair pin".)
-Most damage they suffer can be regenerated with the consumption of nonspecific (mortal) flesh and blood (consuming souls is not enough as soul material will degrade over time), they can also heal over time to a certain degree.
-Certain complex organs must be replaced with living tissue/from a mortal body, such as an eye.

Honorary Noble
-A formal title for half-damned who follow the orders of a Chiranoble to the point that they are considered servants.
-Honorary Nobles wear clothing that is significantly different from the "robes" that regular half-damned wear. Their masks are also slightly different as well.
Bezzafrayl Brand
-Any soul branded with this mark specifically cannot be affected by a Chiranoble or by those who bear a Chiranoble Brand. Another name for those who bear a Bezzafrayl Brand is "Half-Blessed."

-All Bezzafrayl have been named (Kresin, Sidsael, Martae, Amvisile, Esvron and Lisair). Bezzafrayl are supposed to negotiate with Chiranobles about half-damned's "sentences" (refer to "negotiation of Lagus Romero" in chapter 2).
-Sidsael acts a lawyer of souls and is known as Advocate
-Kresin is Sidsael's superior and is known as Executioner
-Martae appears to be a capricious force, she is known as Life Keeper
(For more technical information about each individual Bezzafrayl, refer to the "Character" page.)

Bezzafrayl Traits
-All Bezzafrayl have black hair and dark-colored eyes with a white pupil. They wear black ornaments on their wrists/arms.
-They possess the ability to change into black creatures covered in white armor. They also have a white mask with markings that outline one "eye". Unlike the Chiranobles, touching unprotected souls whilst in an inhuman form does not burn them.
-Bezzafrayl do not experience death like humans do, but what their method of "dealing" with death is different from the Chiranobles.
-The bracelets of the Bezzafrayl are not for decoration- what purpose they serve isn't known yet.
-Kresin has implied that when a Bezzafrayl dies they lose their memories.

Bezzafrayl Skills
-Bezzafrayl possess healing ability proportional to their skill, they also possess the ability to conjure what appears to be blue fire.
-Bezzafrayl are able to regenerate without having to consume flesh and blood like the Chiranobles do, instead they require rest or enough time to elapse. The actual regeneration time varies between Bezzafrayl, but overall they heal at a faster rate than humans.
-Bezzafrayl are able to send messages to each other via blue fire, however they seem to only be able to send messages in Astervotum to each other.
-Bezzafrayl are able to conjure weapons. (Kresin can conjure up an axe, etc.)

Blue Archives
-Implied to be a record of some kind. Cared for by Amvisile.
-Kresin claims that Martae's is "empty", could it be tied to her frequent deaths?
In-common facts of Brands
-Brands are assigned based on the actions of the soul.
-The (main) cause of death is what gives the location of the brand.
-The size of the brand is affected by how the soul regards their own death, the more it initially weighed on their mind the bigger it is upon receiving the brand.
**Even if the cause of death is internal, the brand will ALWAYS be visible on the outside.**

-Souls may have their brand changed when they meet certain conditions set forth by a Chiranoble/Bezzafrayl respectively.
-Upon being rebranded they are forfeited to their new masters.

-It is possible to get around the Brand predicament by taking highly indirect measures to affect the previously "untouchable." Typically it involves creative use of the environment as most of it is considered "neutral" in the grand scheme of things.
-If a human has a brand, it is an indicator that they are dead. Any human soul not wearing the highly conservative clothing given to them by a Chiranoble/Bezzafrayl is likely to be corrupted by the black sun.
-Even though souls bleed and feel pain, the blood itself is not of actual flesh qualities given how much a soul can bleed without "dying". It is difficult to actually "kill" a soul through means that killed the original human such as stabbing, cutting, etc. Other than this, a soul "heals" much the same way an actual human body would (an amputated limb will not return, wounds heal gradually over time, etc.).
-A demonstrated way to remove a soul from Mionfaer is to "return [it] to the mortal cycle."

-As a soul is exposed continuously to the black sun, their form will begin to corrupt and warp. The process itself is said to be excruciating to the point of madness.
-Some of the accompanying ailments of corruption are blackened flesh, difficulty breathing and intense weakness. Some of the more developed ailments of it would be that the respective soul's skin will crack, bleed and continue to change into something else instead of heal.
-It takes at most two days (of constant exposure) for the corruption to fully consume someone or that respective part of them.
-A way to cure a Nihilfaer is to purify them with the fire of a Chiranoble.
-Another way to deal with the process is to physically remove the infected area from the rest of the body.
-Nihilfaer are implied to be violent and otherwise a threat to other's safety.

That creature in chapter 3...
-In chapter 3, Sidsael describes a creature that is neither Familiar nor Nihilfaer.
-He, as well as the Unmarked Magician, later encounter it, engage it in combat, and it undergoes a strange transformation...

Extraction/Dead Familiar? (Chapter 4)
-In chapter 4, Gerif is shown to have the ability to summon a black and red blade. He says that he can call the blade due to someone promising to help him "use magic without Astervotum". However, as a result he cannot summon anything BUT that blade. He describes the process as "pulling something black out, doing something to it and putting it back in."
-Gerif suggests that the blade is his dead Familiar.
"Mortal Cycle"
-The world of the living.

Mystery in the Mortal Cycle
-Liezon converses with Kavir's mother about what he thinks is a disease that turns people into beasts
-The cause of this strange phenomena is currently unknown.

-Unmarked are uncommon cases of (mortal, living) humans who arrive in Mionfaer.
-Because Unmarked are still living, they have no brand (hence the name).
-Unmarked are unaffected by the corruption of the black sun, because of this they do not have to wear the black robes. Unmarked can typically be identified by the fact they wear "normal" or otherwise unique clothing.
-Their lack of a brand allows for them to interact with and be affected by all Chiranobles, Bezzafrayl, half-damned and half-blessed.
-Technically, Unmarked are permitted to do what they wish, however they usually wind up in the care of a Bezzafrayl or a Chiranoble.
-Sidsael reveals he does not know what happens when an Unmarked dies in Mionfaer- he seems worried about what happens to an Unmarked's soul.
Native Plants and Animals

Lifpirum - As seen here
-A fruit that grows on a tree with black bark, its fruit possesses special properties.
-One bite will act as a painkiller.
-Two bites will makes the eater tired.
-Three bites will "keep the soul locked in"

Cicen - As seen here
-A common domesticated bird akin to a chicken.

Horsiarma - As seen here
-A domesticated four-legged and naturally armored mammal akin to a horse.
-Familiars are characterized by being highly organic shadowy creatures that have white and a choice vibrant color to define their features and form.
-Familiars are the manifestations of power of a Magician and are common enough to not garner much surprise from the average individual- extraordinary skill notwithstanding.
**The Unmarked Magician's familiar is visually slightly different from others.**
-They can perform any number of tasks provided the Magician has the skill to control and direct them.
-Common uses are transportation, heavy lifting, directing force, containing/carrying substances, etc.
-Familiars can make sounds, but never anything that can form complex phonetic communication.
-According to Kavir, he's never seen a red Familiar before.

Other Magic
-It should be noted that Familiars aren't the only form of magic- healing is a skill that can be honed, however it is limited in scope.
-If a subject who has been healed uses up a substantial amount of their energy using magic, the healing will begin to undo itself. This can be offset by having more magic "added" to the original mend.
**Regardless of skill, a Magician CANNOT heal themselves with their own magic.**
-Another example of magic would be "Return Magic", though it is somewhat of a misnomer as it can be used to call people/objects or send them to a different place, however that person/object and the location must be known by the Magician performing it.

Control and Indicators of Skill
-Most magic and Familiars are controlled through a language called "Astervotum" (see Astervotum for more details).
-The more skilled a Magician, the less Astervotum they have to use to utilize/control Familiars and other magic. All magicians are required to know how to read and speak Astervotum.
**The Unmarked Magician's magic is an example of high mastery as he can use Familiars without vocalizing Astervotum.**

Magician Culture (I)
-Magician's Request:
"I ask to receive the gift of soul-craft."
-Magician's Oath:
"I swear on the worth of my soul that I will not perverse this gift."
-Magician's Elaboration:
"I ask for my will to be granted a mortal image."
**Purpose is currently unrevealed**

Magician Culture (II)
-Formal teachers of Astervotum are rare.
-Those who do not learn Astervotum/Magic still have ample jobs to perform, though they are often less glamorous.
Astervotum - View Alphabet
-A strange language that sounds similar, yet very different from English. It is a language commonly used by Magicians to perform magical tasks.
-Astervotum is used by the Bezzafrayl in their "blue fire" communication.
-Razmarus seems to know something of it, he criticizes Tela (old man in chapter 2) for using it.
-It is implied to be known but not necessarily commonly used in the mortal cycle; Kavir requires a teacher for it, originally it was Seten but now it is currently Liezon.
-Kavir believes that Astervotum is the language of the gods (Sie'Vallse).

Examples of Astervotum
-"Inbrae commandarevi sareus zehren fiel obstaculum!" -said by Ilium in chapter 2 (to break down a locked door)
-"Inbrae esconvi receivre ral giftiz of seele craeft." - said by Kavir in chapter 3 ("Magician's Request")
Translation: "I ask to receive the gift of soul-craft."
-"Manifestarevi." -said by Seten in chapter 3 (to call her Familiar)
(Unnamed Religion)
Sie'Vallse = 'True God'
-"Sie'Vallse! Did he do something to your eye?! How awful!" -said by Ilium in chapter 2 (seeing Razmarus' smoking/missing eye)
-"Vallse, I beg you to overlook this act of violence!" -said by Ilium in chapter 2 (before breaking down a door)
-"Vallse as my witness, if this is one of your 'friends'--" -said by Seten in chapter 3 (said in a threatening tone)

Sie'Jasaphor = His (Vallse's) Balance

Sie'deit -> meaning is currently unknown
-Uttered by Liezon in chapter 3.
-Said by Kresin in chapter 4 after being attacked.

Implication of other religions
-"You're not a missionary, are you?" -said by Kavir in chapter 3 (with distaste)

Red Star
**Not much info yet, but songs of the Red Star indicate it is of notable importance to some people.**
-"Chime chime calls the sunless bird, ringing bells, ringing bells, sunless bird. He sees the Red Star and calls her name, hoping she hears his ugly voice." -sung by someone corrupting into a Nihilfaer in chapter 2 (while suffering)
-"Ten thousand clear voices, Ten thousand wishes woven, Asking for the Red Star to appear again~" -sung by Alau in chapter 3 (while spending time with Cheres)
-"Great Star, this again." - said by Cervi in chapter 4 (while expressing disdain for Martae's behavior)
-Juvciel seems to be able to be in many places simultaneously at once and seems to know what is going on in Mionfaer at any time.
-The amount of "flesh" present on Juvciel seems to vary depending on certain circumstances, the significance of what it is is not apparent at this time.
-Juvciel can control who can or cannot see her at any time.

Juvciel in relation to Chiranobles/Bezzafrayl
-An individual referred to by Cheres and implied to have powers strong enough to make "laws."
-Razmarus refers to a deal with Juvciel concerning memories.
-Juvciel seems to only give select information if a majority agreement is expressed.
-Juvciel seems to refer to and address each of the Bezzafrayl and Chiranobles as "Master of ____" instead of their names.

Juvciel in relation to Unmarked
-Juvciel appears to be a neutral party towards the Unmarked Magician, she also seems to be able to understand and converse with him.
-Juvciel expects the Unmarked Magician to perform some manner of task, what it is is not known. -Juvciel strongly implies that the Unmarked Magician was allowed into Mionfaer for a specific purpose.